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    • Flats Movie – Build Diaries Part 4

      9:07am Thu 28th May

      The last four days have flown by, last Friday I spent the day rushing around organizing everything I needed to do in the garage over the weekend, I wanted to be prepared so that as soon as the filming started we could progress pretty quickly and the bike come ...

    • Ets Drift Ute – Rebuild Timelapse

      7:45am Thu 28th May

      ETS Drift Ute ? Rebuild Timelapse from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo. I have been doing a lot of motorcycle stuff lately, but every-time I employ a process I learnt on the Hilux build I think back to how huge that operation was, one man, one garage, 3 years in ...

    • Round And Round – Sideways In Style

      3:25pm Wed 27th May

      I?m going to start this story from the very start, about a month ago I was talking with Dean, a great friend, photographer and now a pivotal part of Engineered To Slide, during the stages of his bikes construction we started taking notice of a sport called Fla...

    • Flats Movie – Build Diaries Part 3

      8:33am Wed 20th May

      10/2/15 With the bike finally all pulled apart and all the parts needed for the new build layed out on the floor I was ready to start the fun bit! I was so eager to get home and finish the steering neck, remove the cartridges out of the forks and get the layou...

    • Flats Movie – Build Diary’s Part 2

      2:06pm Wed 13th May

      6/2/2015 Woke up early today and opened up the garage, its Friday, the suns out and I have 15 minutes to repair the clutch arm on the Harley so I can ride something to work. I removed the exhausts, the clutch cover, found the issue, repaired the fork, reattach...

    • Rps13 – Drive Time

      10:05am Tue 12th May

      Well its been a while since I have driven the RPS13, I started to doubt how much enjoyment I got out of the sport, I mean is it worth all the effort? Then I came here! The day started off wet, I dont mind driving in the wet but when the surface is concrete eve...

    • Flats Movie – Build Diary’s

      12:15pm Tue 5th May

      1/2/2015 Its 1 month and 25 days till the event, I?m starting to stress about the build, the bike sits untouched in the garage but I know it?s mechanically sound. I?m still reading the DLRA rule book and thinking about a strategy that will be affordable, compe...

    • Flats Movie – The Concept

      1:55pm Thu 30th Apr

      Since finishing the Hilux build and filming the Dream Build Drive documentary I have been yearning for something new, the last 5 years had been a steep learning curve, a stretch on the budget and a testing time on my patience. After the Hilux was finished I ha...

    • Two Wheels To Getaway

      9:56pm Sun 15th Mar

      Well I know things are quite around here but in real life it couldn?t be anymore further from the truth. The truth is I havnt stopped for a second, this years set to be one of the biggest. I know everyone should be kept up to date with whats going on ETS HQ bu...

    • Vintage Usa – Homecoming

      9:40am Fri 16th Jan

      Firstly welcome to the new look for 2015, hope you like the new layout. DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE from Matthew J Cox on Vimeo. So 2014 is over, what a year, I feel like it went forever. This time last year the Hilux was on a boat destined for NZ and the filming proces...

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