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    • Custom Ktm – The Hirider

      8:40am Tue 17th Nov

      This is a bit of a throwback, every-now and then I save an exclusive project for a possible print media article, for as long as I can remember I have been excited about magazines, excited at the content thats inside them and the amount of ideas packed into a p...

    • Ps13na – Working Through It.

      7:55pm Fri 23rd Oct

      What is it that you want in life? If its a garage full of your dream cars then you and I have something in common. I have worked out that money want buy my dream car, if it did then I wouldn?t appreciate it anyway, for me its what I build that I love, I [?]

    • Triumph, Chopped, Life And Leisure

      10:28am Tue 6th Oct

      Life?s a funny thing, I?m 32 years old now and over the past year I have been trying to figure out where a lot of my drive has gone. That doesn?t mean I have stopped doing what I love doing it just means I have lost a little bit of the direction I once had. [?...

    • Flat Track Funday’s – Number Two

      10:23am Tue 25th Aug

      Last Sunday I hosted Flat Track Fundays number 2. With 25 riders in attendance and the track resurfaced, watered and the sun shining it was set to be the best conditions yet! It was a tiring week leading up to the event, with Streetfighters Harley all finished...

    • Flat Track Xl1200 Build

      11:12am Thu 20th Aug

      This time last week Streetfighter and I took a run up to the Auctions to grab a bike for our next flat track race day, he was searching for a 1200 Harley Sportster. We found one that was perfect, broken enough to be affordable but salvageable enough to not nee...

    • 2 Wheels Consumes The Mind

      3:21pm Mon 10th Aug

      At the start of the year I wanted to take things easy, I wanted to spend 2015 finishing a few projects, I had an old Triumph sitting in the garage, that chromoly framed KTM I partially built, my PS13 and a partially pulled apart KTM that I was paying rego on. ...

    • Flat Track Funday – 23rd August

      8:40am Mon 10th Aug

      The first one was so good we are doing it all again. Basically sign in at 9am, track opens from 9:30am till 5pm with a fun little race schedule thrown in at 3pm. Rider registration can be done HERE, apon registration you will get your forms and all the informa...

    • Build Diaries – Part 7

      8:00pm Wed 29th Jul

      In part 6 I did the final test ride before powder-coat, in Part 7 its time to get everything finalised and make the final steps towards the race. 6/03/15 I had to finish early to drop the frame off to Colour Tech to get clear powdercoated, Daniel at Colour Tec...

    • Flat Track Funday – This Weekend

      8:49am Mon 13th Jul

      This weekend we are opening up the Ride Park speedway to you! Ride Park is located at 395 Parwan South Rd, Parwan Victoria. We will be running the short track which is a flat oval track that has to be ridden to be appreciated. The gates are open Saturday July ...

    • Build Diaries – Part 6

      8:04pm Tue 16th Jun

      27/02/15 It?s been a full week since the 2 day bender that led up to the first ride, over the course of that week I have planned the finishing touches to the bike that will allow it to be tech inspected by the DLRA officials in order to compete in the 2015 Spe...

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