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    • Garage Spring Clean

      9:51am Mon 19th Sep

      Over and over again, the idea of making a dash ran through my mind. I decided to make it out of fibreglass and so it began, a huge mess and hours of sanding. But first I needed to make up a frame, something to allow the shape to flow. Once I had the profile so...

    • A New Breed Of Style

      8:54am Tue 13th Sep

      I was always looking forward to the end of winter, the longer days bring with them the warmth and colours that make everything more enjoyable. Spring in Victoria Australia signals the beginning of the good times, a progressive mix of exciting event?s all lead ...

    • Ps13 Update – Goodbye Winter

      1:41pm Wed 17th Aug

      Builds??.. A true test of ones patience and persistence. Every single day my alarm goes off before the sun rises, I lay in bed for ten minutes wondering what I can do today to make tomorrow easier, I always have a list of jobs rolling through my head, the enor...

    • Forward Thrust – Pursuing The Ultimate...

      9:10am Tue 19th Jul

      A few weeks ago I wrote this post without publishing it, I hadnt made up my mind what to do with the engine in the PS13 at that time so I thought it may be worth posting so you get an idea of where I am coming from. Firstly I want to give you a [?]

    • Ps13 Update – Long Cold Nights

      10:54am Thu 16th Jun

      The beginning of winter always puts me in a crappy mood, I have always been a self motivated person that?s driven by the pursuit of creation, the drawn out excitement of something coming together piece by piece right in front of me. The artistry in what I do i...

    • Ps13na Update – Kicking Goals!

      8:14am Tue 17th May

      I checked the weather for the upcoming weekend, sunny and clear, I had no plans for two days and had one goal in mind, to finish the chassis and etch prime the interior. Finishing the chassis involved adding the harness mounts, the last large job on the list b...

    • 1951 Triumph Drag Bike

      11:09am Tue 3rd May

      Firstly I cant tell you how good it felt to be back in my car at Wilby Raceway, once I had everything packed away I relaxed for a few days and then set my sights on finishing a few things in the garage. Before I show you what I have been up to though I [?]

    • Oliver’s Birthday Bash – Wilby In Th...

      11:39am Tue 26th Apr

      Drifting?? ahhhhh drifting, possibly the most complicated and diverse culture of the new era of motorsport. Why? Well there?s so many different ways of looking at it, each person holds their own view on what the sport represents to them, when I first fell in l...

    • 1986 Sportster – Complete

      2:16pm Tue 26th Apr

      In the last post I detailed the new swing-arm I was building, with the swingarm all finished up it was time to give it a paint and get this thing finished! With the wheels in and the chain on it was time to add the aesthetics and get it moving. But to move you...

    • Flats Premier – New Zealand

      12:40pm Wed 30th Mar

      It all began in a fast paced series of events, 14 months ago I set out on an adventure to set a land speed record, compelled to tell my story I took with me a team of friends and we all worked through the stages to get to this point. It was another world for [...

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