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    • 1986 Hd Sportster – Out With The New, ...

      8:44am Mon 18th Jan

      Late last year I started to look at everything I was doing and wonder where it was taking me. I definitely over think everything and It was starting to take its toll on a lot of aspects of my life. Motorcycles were always a small component of what I do, over t...

    • Brand New Ktm 350 Sx-f

      5:36pm Mon 18th Jan

      What a crazy year 2015 was, the highlight was the entire Flats Movie adventure to the center of South Australia, it was this time last year that Matthew Cox and I decided to do it, the planning process begun and the 2012 KTM 350 SX-f I was riding would be pull...

    • Flats – Its Coming

      12:59pm Tue 19th Jan

      We have a date set! Stay tuned for the trailer and the details, if you want to be emailed apon release sign up here for the alerts. Click here to read all about the build on the three motorcycles in the lead up to the event.

    • The Whitford Ktm

      5:18pm Wed 30th Dec

      I am writing this on the last day of 2015, it?s been a wild end to a fairly uneventful year. When you pack everything into each day the weeks seem to slow down and life goes in slow motion, for the last three months of the year I have done three massive projec...

    • Harley Davidson Giveaway Trike

      6:21pm Tue 29th Dec

      Following on from the HD Hill Climber I built for Harley Davidson Australia I had a follow up job just a week later. Marcus had a pretty simple plan on a very tight time frame, I had 6 days to complete a 6 year olds trike for Harley to giveaway at Christmas ti...

    • Hd Hill Climber

      2:33pm Tue 29th Dec

      It all began when I was deep in PS13 build once again, faced with the realisation that I shouldn?t start any new projects; I should finish those that I started, I got a call from Harley Davidson Australia and commissioned to quickly build something out of the ...

    • Custom Ktm – The Hirider

      8:40am Tue 17th Nov

      This is a bit of a throwback, every-now and then I save an exclusive project for a possible print media article, for as long as I can remember I have been excited about magazines, excited at the content thats inside them and the amount of ideas packed into a p...

    • Ps13na – Working Through It.

      7:55pm Fri 23rd Oct

      What is it that you want in life? If its a garage full of your dream cars then you and I have something in common. I have worked out that money want buy my dream car, if it did then I wouldn?t appreciate it anyway, for me its what I build that I love, I [?]

    • Triumph, Chopped, Life And Leisure

      10:28am Tue 6th Oct

      Life?s a funny thing, I?m 32 years old now and over the past year I have been trying to figure out where a lot of my drive has gone. That doesn?t mean I have stopped doing what I love doing it just means I have lost a little bit of the direction I once had. [?...

    • Flat Track Funday’s – Number Two

      10:23am Tue 25th Aug

      Last Sunday I hosted Flat Track Fundays number 2. With 25 riders in attendance and the track resurfaced, watered and the sun shining it was set to be the best conditions yet! It was a tiring week leading up to the event, with Streetfighters Harley all finished...

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