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    In late 2008, Joshua Herron and Will Roegge met at the final round of Formula Drift’s 2008 season in Irwindale, California. The two immediately began discussing the idea of filming a DVD while driving cross country, but it wasn’t until late 2009 when the two finally decided it was time to tackle the project with the mindset, “If we don’t do this now, we’ll never have another chance”.rnStarting in April 2010, the two will be trekking across the United States in a 1974 Volkswagen Westfalia, documenting the grassroots drifting community and more importantly, everything that makes drifting fun.

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    • Video – Super D Kdf Teaser

      11:31pm Tue 11th Oct

      Super D hosted a Drift Matsuri at Grange Motor Speedway in Apple Valley and invited Naoki Nakamura from Team Pink (formerly Team Burst). We were there to film it and will be releasing an edit. Be sure to watch in the highest resolution your device can handle!

    • Video – Final Bout Ssw Bkp

      9:19pm Sun 10th Jul

      Brandon Kado and Final Bout have released their official Final Bout: Special Stage West 2016 video. It has some nice quotes from drivers and clips from some of the best filmers who were in attendance. Check, Check, Check it out.

    • Video – Fueled By Passion Short Film

      12:38am Sun 10th Jul

      Our friend Adel ? Off Beat Garage and Curb Bangersreleased an epic 4k resolution short film on YouTube. With an M83 backing music, voice over, sweeping time lapses and heli shots ? the intro sequence sets up the importance of creating memories. What memories?...

    • Video – Dan Brockett Does Japan

      8:40pm Fri 1st Jul

      We love Dan Brockett and you should too. In case you?ve been living in an off grid drifting colony for the past 10 years, Dan was the driver of anRB powered s13 in Formula Drift, the police officer in the very popular Motorcycle Drift Icon videos, and feature...

    • Photos – Final Bout Special Stage West...

      9:58pm Tue 31st May

      This past weekend was Final Bout Special Stage West ? the finest drift style from the west coast was on display and captured by our friend photographer Kyle Pope, additional photos by Kayla McNutt.

    • Video – Animal Style Sharking Lot 3 Te...

      3:45am Tue 15th Mar

      Sharking Lot 3 is coming. The full drift team Animal Style shreds the lot this time.

    • Video – Animal Style 2015 Recap

      4:55pm Mon 11th Jan

      Drift Team Animal Style has released a 2015 recap video documenting the transformation of their drift cars from freshly painted to liveried and battle scarred. This has some of the closest tandem moments and shows some of the United State?s best grassroots dri...

    • Video – Hot Rod Garage Mark’s Rx7

      6:05pm Thu 26th Nov

      Hot Rod Garage took on a tribute project to finish Mark Lenardon?s Mazda FC RX7 project car. Mark passed away earlier this year in a motorcycle accident so it?s awesome to see some of our friends make Mark?s project car come to life. Nice work Tony, Geoff, Bre...

    • Video – Hoonigan Black Friday

      6:08pm Tue 24th Nov

      Hoonigan drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck invade the abandoned Hawthorne Mall to drift the crap out of it. Forsberg comes within inches of a 2 story drop off, the pair tandem up a circular parking garage ramp Tokyo Drift style, and fulfill all of our dri...

    • Video – Ken Block 9k Rpm Burn Out

      3:01am Thu 22nd Oct

      Our good friends The Hoonigans had us out to Long Beach to the Donut Garage to film Ken Block doing some burn outs in his freshly finished 1978 Ford Escort MK2. Ken?s Escort features a 333 hp Millington 4 cylinder NA engine, fully race prepped, and adored with...

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