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    • Video: Japan Lotus Day And On-board With...

      11:11am Sun 26th May

      Japan Lotus Day is a yearly event held at Fuji Speedway, Japan. The great thing about this day is that see cars up close you thought you would never see in real life. The genuine historic Formula 1 cars, how they are being prepared and even being driven on tra...

    • Things To Do…

      10:11pm Mon 24th Sep

      We know we haven?t been very active on posting blogs anymore, but we?re happy so say we?re heading back to Japan for holidays!! In about 3 weeks we?ll be flying off to Asia and also visit our beloved Japan. It?s been too long!! So let?t talk about all the thin...

    • Mt. Misen

      10:16am Fri 7th Sep

      When at Miyajima, Hiroshima, there are several things to do. Visiting mount Misen is one of them. We tell you about how we experienced it.

    • Subaru Brz Sti Concept

      10:14am Tue 24th Apr

      With the release of the BRZ, it is now time for STi to release the Subaru BRZ STi concept.

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