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    86 Fighters is for all car enthusiasts and also specifically for AE86 Mania like myself.rnrnIts also a place for viewers to enjoy photos taken from Japan and New Zealand.rnrnI enjoy drifting and has become somewhat of a lifestyle, which hopefully I can portray through my photography.rnrnIf anyone needs to contact me, please do so through here.rnrnCheers,rnrnKeisuke Nagashima

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    • As It Sits

      10:28am Tue 22nd Jul

      Off to Japan on Monday so progress is at a halt until I return but its good to see it back on its feet and can?t wait for another experience in the home of car culture for 3 weeks. Will be sure to try and update here as much as [?]

    • Wheeling And Dealing

      8:55am Sun 13th Jul

      Our latest Haul from Japan via container Big thanks to Stacked Inc

    • F . R . I . E . N . D . S

      9:13am Wed 18th Jun

    • Toyota Festival 2014 – Sheeper’s Ms5...

      3:18am Sun 1st Jun

      It is immaculate and the attention to detail is amazing. I can?t really say much about this car other than I love it! Good Work Sheepers!

    • M A X ドリフト

      9:07am Sun 18th May

      Thanks to Partshopmax NZ, I finally got my hands on some quality coilovers. I have been amounting parts for the new build and have decided not to do things by halves. I?m currently mocking up the suspension setup along with some plans for the shell itself so w...

    • S R 2 0 G A N G

      12:38pm Fri 9th May

      So I got my motor sent up from Christchurch and I am stoked to finally have it! Few photos for now, 86 is coming to live in the garage tomorrow so will have more updates soon!

    • Idlers Tc1000: 四鋭爺クラブ

      1:31am Thu 1st May

    • No Name Heroes: Sr20 Cefiro Couple

      9:46am Tue 29th Apr

      Hideyuki Shiraga-san & Mio Yoshimoto-san

    • 86 Update

      4:41am Tue 29th Apr

      A couple of updates: I have recently purchased this SR20DET conversion setup from Christchurch Corolla owner Ben and am in the process of shipping it back up to Auckland. I?m very happy with the purchase as it is a full going conversion which includes: S13 S...

    • Toru-sans Xx Ga61

      10:42am Fri 25th Apr

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