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    • Blog Heroes :: Low Key Fun

      7:27am Tue 11th Oct

      We?ve all seen the saying ?Keep drifting fun? thrown around the net over the years. We certainly have some great national and state competitions in Australia, however outside of some casual drift matsuri style events, there really hasn?t been many ... Read Mor...

    • Dca :: King Of The Hill

      7:04am Sun 2nd Oct

      Drift Challenge Australia has done it! The first official drift event held on public roads. In the beautiful town of Mt Gambier, South Australia an event was about to take place like no other! One that would leave a mark ... Read More

    • Vicdrift Round #3 :: It’s Not All Abou...

      11:37pm Sun 18th Sep

      This year is soon coming to a close, Round #3 has already arrived although it only feels like June. As the VicDrift Championship heats up the big players cut groves in the bitumen and solidify their positions in the series. ... Read More

    • Fun2drive :: Type Arrgghh

      1:54pm Sun 14th Aug

      During our most recent trip to Japan we spent some time again in the mountains of Hakone which of course meant we ended up driving half of the fleet from Fun2Drive. After some mixed feelings driving the FD RX-7 we ... Read More

    • Hi Voltage :: Indoor Electric Go Karts

      1:21pm Tue 2nd Aug

      Sifting through our emails each week can be challenging, usually a minefield of generic spam emails we do occasionally find something worthwhile. One such email was from the new kids on the Go Kart block. Hi Voltage, the first electric ... Read More

    • Eastside Jdm :: Under The Cover Of Dark

      12:27am Wed 20th Jul

      On a dark Saturday night a large group of JDM car?s descended on a car park somewhere in Melbourne?s east. Although not all of the cars where exclusively from the east, some traveling from the north for a chance to ... Read More

    • Cars And Coffee :: Truganina

      3:16am Mon 11th Jul

      It has been almost one year since i have been to Cars and Coffee Truganina, these regular Cars and Coffee events seem to be expanding all over the place. This particular Cars and Coffee event has been running monthly for ... Read More

    • Fun2drive :: Not So Mellow Yellow

      12:02pm Thu 23rd Jun

      With another trip to the automotive mecca that is Japan we of course visited our friends at Fun2Drive again. This time I was dying to get behind the wheel of a bright yellow RX7 that was still burnt into my ... Read More

    • Axesent :: Renderings From The Land Of T...

      3:53am Tue 21st Jun

      We have long been a fan of Axesent?s work but we wanted to know how all of this started. Seeing Axesent?s sunning image?s across social media and all over the internet we decided to go directly to him and ask ... Read More

    • Vicdrift :: 360 Degrees Of Drift

      12:38pm Sun 12th Jun

      We took a 360 cam down to VicDrift Round two and recorded a little sample of action from the day.

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