• Matt Powers New Look

    It was only inevitable that last years crowd favorite grassroots drifter would pick up a few sponsors for 2010, now Matt Powers has the car to stand out from the crowd as much as his off-track antics. Teaming up with Nitto Tyres & EA Games Need for Speed / Speedhunters franchise, Matt is sure to be one to keep an eye out for as new cars, teams, and drivers debut for a fresh season of Formula Drift.

  • Comments

    "I specifically had him wire up the fuel pump separate from the ignition so I could label them 'sex,' 'drugs,' and the starter 'rock and roll' to get me in the zone before driving haha." - Matt

    This is why this dude is more awesome than you.
    Dude he copied your rims! you must be a special kind of awesome
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