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    • Build Diaries – Part 7

      8:00pm Wed 29th Jul

      In part 6 I did the final test ride before powder-coat, in Part 7 its time to get everything finalised and make the final steps towards the race. 6/03/15 I had to finish early to drop the frame off to Colour Tech to get clear powdercoated, Daniel at Colour Tec...

    • Flat Track Funday – This Weekend

      8:49am Mon 13th Jul

      This weekend we are opening up the Ride Park speedway to you! Ride Park is located at 395 Parwan South Rd, Parwan Victoria. We will be running the short track which is a flat oval track that has to be ridden to be appreciated. The gates are open Saturday July ...

    • Build Diaries – Part 6

      8:04pm Tue 16th Jun

      27/02/15 It?s been a full week since the 2 day bender that led up to the first ride, over the course of that week I have planned the finishing touches to the bike that will allow it to be tech inspected by the DLRA officials in order to compete in the 2015 Spe...

    • Build Diaries – Part 5

      10:05am Tue 9th Jun

      What a wild weekend that was, Friday night quickly stretched into Saturday morning and by the time I got all my jobs done it was time to load the bike into the van and head off for the meet point with the film crew. How did the ride go? It was amazing but firs...

    • Flats Movie – Build Diaries Part 4

      9:07am Thu 28th May

      The last four days have flown by, last Friday I spent the day rushing around organizing everything I needed to do in the garage over the weekend, I wanted to be prepared so that as soon as the filming started we could progress pretty quickly and the bike come ...

    • Ets Drift Ute – Rebuild Timelapse

      7:45am Thu 28th May

      ETS Drift Ute ? Rebuild Timelapse from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo. I have been doing a lot of motorcycle stuff lately, but every-time I employ a process I learnt on the Hilux build I think back to how huge that operation was, one man, one garage, 3 years in ...

    • Round And Round – Sideways In Style

      3:25pm Wed 27th May

      I?m going to start this story from the very start, about a month ago I was talking with Dean, a great friend, photographer and now a pivotal part of Engineered To Slide, during the stages of his bikes construction we started taking notice of a sport called Fla...

    • Flats Movie – Build Diaries Part 3

      8:33am Wed 20th May

      10/2/15 With the bike finally all pulled apart and all the parts needed for the new build layed out on the floor I was ready to start the fun bit! I was so eager to get home and finish the steering neck, remove the cartridges out of the forks and get the layou...

    • Flats Movie – Build Diary’s Part 2

      2:06pm Wed 13th May

      6/2/2015 Woke up early today and opened up the garage, its Friday, the suns out and I have 15 minutes to repair the clutch arm on the Harley so I can ride something to work. I removed the exhausts, the clutch cover, found the issue, repaired the fork, reattach...

    • Rps13 – Drive Time

      10:05am Tue 12th May

      Well its been a while since I have driven the RPS13, I started to doubt how much enjoyment I got out of the sport, I mean is it worth all the effort? Then I came here! The day started off wet, I dont mind driving in the wet but when the surface is concrete eve...

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