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    • Steel And Possibilties

      1:44am Mon 8th Sep

      It probably started around year 11 at High School, I enrolled in metal class and quickly became exposed to the possibilities of steel and the craft of working with it. Its not about being the perfect welder, the perfect sheetmetal shaper, the lathe artist or h...

    • Ets Garage – The Latest On The Ps13

      11:44am Wed 20th Aug

      Being on a waiting list for surgery has its upsides, spending time in the garage is one thing that I just can?t get enough of. Im racing the clock with the PS13, trying to get the majority of the fabrication work done so I can have a break when its time to get...

    • Ps13na – Garage Sale

      2:15am Sun 10th Aug

      Things have been really different in 2014 for me, with the Hilux all finished off it gave me some clarity in where my life is heading, to be honest I am super content with everything I have, I don?t need more projects I just need to finish the ones I have star...

    • Ets Garage – Confined Winters

      9:09am Fri 1st Aug

      Only a few weeks ago I was on the other side of the world, enjoying the summer sun and taking in all the amazing sights America had to offer through the window of 1965 Ford van, the honeymoon had to end at some point, I had to return back home and get back int...

    • Ets Moto Build – Re Energized

      5:58am Sun 27th Jul

      It?s been a while since I have updated this build, to tell you the truth I almost gave up on it all together. Before I left for America I hit a roadblock, the lower frame rails I had made up just weren?t working, I went over and over every scenario to make the...

    • Ktm Cafe Racer – The Dark Side

      1:22am Tue 22nd Jul

      Well I am home from our amazing Honeymoon, I was all set to head back to work but the doctors who are looking after my finger gave me some bad news on the rehabilitation, turns out after looking at the scans I had chopped my tendon in half, what is now a sligh...

    • Honeymooning

      4:20am Mon 2nd Jun

      Im going to post a few photos in this thread and update it as I travel, so bookmark the thread and Ill update it when I have internet. Our first stop was Oahu Hawaii, the true vacation that bathed us in sun and surf. Sunset Beach was our first chance to hit th...

    • Honeymoon – Hawaii Meet Up

      4:13am Mon 26th May

      Tonight I will be meeting some locals in Honolulu, I have seen so many cool ?trucks? here in Hawaii that I am excited to see who rocks up, it will be open to anything really, drift cars, motorcycles, lifted trucks and minitrucks, everyones welcome. Ill take my...

    • Married Life

      10:45am Tue 20th May

      Everything I have done in the last 7 years has been supported by my partner Celia, now I can proudly call her my wife after our wedding last weekend. Ill keep all the boring lovey dovey stuff to a minimum but heres a quick run down of the action thanks to Just...

    • Ps13 – Attack Mode

      10:39pm Tue 13th May

      You probably already figured this out by now but I am in no rush with this project, I have been waiting for a bit of headspace to get a clear direction on where I am going with the car, I was motivated by the fact that I had to shift it when the Hilux returned...

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