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    I'm Justin Shreeve, a 22 year old film maker from Oregon. If you have any video production needs, please contact me at (541)840-9420 or at shreeveco@hotmail.com

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    • Travel Portland Director's Cut

      8:19pm Fri 3rd Jun

      Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags: Portland, skateboarding, skateboard, skate, Oregon, PDX and Travel Portland

    • Dieta Skateboards | Bom Dias

      7:27pm Tue 31st May

      Dieta Skateboards presents Bom Dias, a short skateboarding film by Justin Shreeve featuring Johnny Turgesen, Frank Faria, Steven Reeves, Ty Hjortland, Jimmy Larsen, and John Morgan.Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags: Frank Faria, Ty Hjortland, Jimmy Larsen, Steven Re...

    • Bom Dias

      3:17pm Sat 14th May

      Cast: Shreeve Films

    • Justin Shreeve 2015 Cinematography Reel

      11:23pm Mon 27th Jul

      This reel represents a large portion of my work over the past few years. I haven't released a video entirely my own in quite some time and I am very pleased to present this. Directed, shot, edited, and colored by myself. Shot on: RED Epic Mysterium-X Sony FS7...

    • Skelatorrr's Early Spring Slam Session

      11:37pm Thu 5th Mar

      Danny Tumia (AKA Skelatorr) tries out the new Landshark sidecuts in neon green. Locations: Bingen, WA Estacada, OR Shot on: Sony FS700 Metabones speed booster Canon 8-15mm f/4L Zeiss 85mm f/1.4Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags: skate, skateboard, skateboarding, Da...

    • Faces In New Places Lowres

      7:21am Mon 23rd Sep

      Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags:

    • Lites Recap Lowres

      4:19pm Mon 23rd Sep

      Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags:

    • Ty High Res Export For Titles

      12:11am Wed 2nd Oct

      Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags:

    • Nitto Intro Export

      10:56pm Thu 24th Oct

      Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags:

    • Nitto First Draft

      9:44am Fri 25th Oct

      Cast: Shreeve FilmsTags:

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