• A bit of fun at Mallory Park


    A day in the life at Mallory Park, we decided that the place needed a bit of livening up so Dan Chapman and Luke Fink rocked up to have a bit of a play and we thought we'd also have a quick chat as we were there. Thanks to Bob for letting us in and sorry about the dirt dropping Dan has promised to plant thirty trees in a depleted rain forest in Rwanda for the effects the missing grass will have on rising co2 levels.

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      10:33pm Thu 30th Jan

      Some of my favourite projects of the last year culminated in this little reel. For rates and availability contact me via the e-mail address josh_allen@mac.com. I'm based centrally in the UK fifty miles north of London. Experienced mainly in automotive but I ...

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      3:11pm Thu 17th Oct

      Cast: Josh AllenTags: alysha nett, cervena fox, alt girl, tattoo, streetwear, growl and grandeur and london

    • Untitled

      5:39pm Sun 26th Feb

      Cast: Josh AllenTags:

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