• New Engine Mods to Rifft!

    Well It's been a touch quiet round here... Never fear though - I've been busily writing a really handy new feature...

    Rifft is now able to track the RSS feeds of Clogs & Vids, this means new posts from drift blogs or video producers will show up in the ever evolving 'RSS Stream'. Now, instead of having to check all your favourite blogs individually, all you need to do is check your Rifft Subscriptions.

    For more information on how Subscriptions work click here.

    We're still 'running in' Subscriptions, and there's a few planned minor updates to come. So if you come across any bugs or have any feedback I'd love to hear it!

  • Luke Finks JDM All Stars Debut!

    Last week Luke Fink began his journey from Australia to the UK for the first round of the JDM All Stars. After 5 days of travelling and a slight altercation with a volcano, Fink ended up hiring a car and driving cross-country from Spain to Manchester. Arriving the day after practice and with little sleep, Fink caught everyone off guard by qualifying 1st! Unfortunately mechanical dramas left the car without any power and he bowed out to Dan Chapman for 4th, although not without pushing Chapman to two re-runs... An absolutely amazing effort by any means!

  • Matt Powers New Look

    It was only inevitable that last years crowd favorite grassroots drifter would pick up a few sponsors for 2010, now Matt Powers has the car to stand out from the crowd as much as his off-track antics. Teaming up with Nitto Tyres & EA Games Need for Speed / Speedhunters franchise, Matt is sure to be one to keep an eye out for as new cars, teams, and drivers debut for a fresh season of Formula Drift.