• Transformers: Driftatron

    Transformers fans rejoice, IDW publishing has made the rare desicion to add a new Autobot to the team! 'Drift' is Shane McCarthy's vision for the new character based off Japan's popular car scene, the new Autobot will debut with a 4 issue mini-series complete with action figure. It's not quiet your average drift news, and we're sure this will only mean more shameless TF logo's plastered over rice burners. None the less we're pumped this can only boost the popularity of drifting, which is always a plus.

  • Eastern Creek Raceway Redevelopment

    The first details surrounding major redevelopment upgrades to Australia's Eastern Creek Raceway have been revealed. With up to six different circuit layouts, the track will hold the potential to host many forms of motorsport including Formula One, MotoGP, V8SC & of course Drifting! With an ever decreasing number of race tracks in Oz, it's good to see all hope is not lost.

  • 2010 D1JP Grand Prix Schedule

    The 2010 D1 Grand Prix schedule for Japan has arrived with more of these double events they have started throwing. The four venues present eight rounds of drifting. They also have the expo in Tokyo in May.